Capturing a Dream...

Addicted to color...  Jumbie is a light Bender. He introduces us to his original new style of full-spectrum light-reactive holograms. He calls it “Spectral Art”. And as anyone can surely see, it's nothing short of a Revolution. Using dynamic lighting in his custom built frames, he produces fluid motion on a static plane, giving depth and life to his amazing creations. With this unique approach to display, Jumbie is continually manipulating his images with color, rapidly opening eyes and melting minds all across the globe.

The true goal of Jumbie's work is to alter your perception. Using pure light color to isolate layers in his images, he creates an optical illusion, showing the observer what is always there but is rarely perceived.

In effect Jumbie transports us to a world that is much like our dreams... In this world images do not remain static for long. Objects shift and move in and out of your perception with the fluidity of water, while vivid colors rush over you like waves of benevolent energy. The immense beauty of such a world opens your heart to the mystery that is this existence, and enlightenment soon follows. This world is accessible at a moment's notice. All you have to do is flip a switch and your mind is awakened to this omnipresent plane. Jumbie has captured a glimpse a dream and he transmits it to us with his visionary art. Gaze into his “Portals” and allow your perception to be changed.

Jumbie Art is The Inventor and Fabricator of Visionary Spectral Art Content for festival clothing, apparel, merchandise, and accessories.



Nicholas Jumblatt, “Jumbie”, was raised in Kentucky by 2 bio-chemical eye scientists. He received a Bachelor Fine Arts from University of Louisville in 2008. While in the process of studying art and from the knowledge his parents instilled in him, Jumbie discovered that art can react to all colors of the light spectrum. After graduating school he started Jumbie Art, and took his spectral art collection on tour to music festivals around the country.

Jumbie is now considered to be the vanguard of the Spectral Art form in the visionary artist community. Currently based in Los Angeles, Jumbie Art was the first visionary artist to print original art content on clothing. This lead to the birth of the clothing line collection Jumbie Wear in 2011.

Now partnering with Warrior Within Designs with the new collection known as Rainbow Warrior and the Jumbzies, expect to see a lot more from Jumbie Art. Known for their pop up art gallery booths, Jumbie Art will continue to bring the best custom wearable art to the festival community and contribute to the atmosphere of any event. Stay tuned Rainbow Tribe!

Jumbie Art Business Address:

507 Eline Ave

Louisville, KY 40207



 Jumbie Art is on a mission to raise the frequency of the global community though color.