Jumbie Art Health and Wellness is all about having fun and expressing yourself as you heal the body. 

Our minds are triggered when exposed to color, different colors can enable different moods in us. With our fully activated Charka Sutra Yoga Mat not only are you working on the physical body but you are also working on your subconscious mind. The color changing art has a soothing, relaxing effect on the mood. Causing one to feel present and focused getting you ready for a great heart opening Yoga Session.

We host mediation classes at Jumbie Art Studios in San Pedro on Wednesday's, keep an eye out for the flyer to see when we are hosting. The Wednesday night classes are complementary, we offer this as a service to the community and to raise the vibration of each other. 

 Big change starts with small change, if you want to change the outside you must first change the inside.