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The lineup for Lost Lands 2018 is out and here at Jumbie Art, our staff of rave clothing and art enthusiasts could not be more excited!

This being said, the age-old question comes to mind: what makes this particular festival different than the rest? Well to put it simply, if you’re a fan of bass heavy music, Lost Lands is going to be like a dream come true. Excision, a huge name in the electronic dubstep scene teamed up with some big players to present a festival like no other. The festival bolstered an amazing line-up and was hit with nothing but stellar reviews. If you didn’t have a chance to experience Lost Lands 2017, here’s a list of things to get excited about.

The Lineup

As if last years line-up wasn’t impressive enough, Lost Lands 2018’s lineup was recently released and it did not disappoint. With huge mainstream names like Jauz, Illenium, Rezz, Zomboy and more, this lineup is worth every penny. If you love bass music, then this is one festival you cannot miss! Our art and rave clothing staff love to support bass music so be sure to be on the lookout for some of our merch at Lost Lands 2018!

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The festival theme at Lost Lands is dinosaurs, and when they say dinosaurs, they aren’t joking around. The festival grounds are littered with dinosaur art installations that are practically life-sized. The incredibly detailed pieces are sure to provide an immersive experience that will have you feeling like you’re living in a movie. Festival head Excision also promised to add additional art installations this year making for an even more exciting experience!


Despite the fact that Lost Lands 2017 had such great reviews, festival head Excision continues to push the boundaries of his new festival. After last years festival, Excision reached out to the festival attendees and requested they tell him what parts of the festival they loved and what parts they did not. The producer was very communicative with his fans to make sure that everyone that had a suggestion was given an equal opportunity to express their opinion. Below is a list of changes they’ve added to this year's festival.

  • Expanded Car Camping Plots: When it comes to group camping, the more space you have, the better it is. This year, Lost Lands’ camping plots are promised to be 50 sq ft. larger than last years plots.
  • Early Entry, Thursday 6 pm - 11 pm: For attendees arriving on Thursday night, the festival grounds will be open for a pre-party with surprise B2B sets.
  • Payment Plants: With the prices of festival production rising, ticket prices for festivals are also on the rise in order to compensate. This being said, payment plans are the perfect solution for festival attendees looking to purchase a ticket without having to burn a huge hole in their wallet in one go.
  • Themed Sound Camps: Not much news has been released in regards to these themed sound camps, but our art and rave clothing team know it sounds like a great time.
  • More Bass: 1,000,000 watts of bass to be exact.
  • More Dinosaurs: In the words of Excision, “3X MORE GIANT F#%KING DINOSAURS”

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