Posted on by Nicholas Jumblatt

"What a long, strange trip it's been."
-Jerry Garcia

Ten years ago I set out on a mission to prove that my artwork could provide for and support me as an independent business owner. What developed has become a Revolution Through Color. Over the years I have come a long way. I've gone from personally walking my artwork around festivals using a briefcase to developing an immersive, interactive booth. I've ranged from conceptualizing imagery to developing custom textiles. I am dedicated to improving the quality and diversity of what I have to offer as an artist.

Jumbie Art is more than just artwork -- we are a lifestyle brand devoted to bringing out cutting-edge concepts and new art movements. These include Spectral Art, LED Portals, Flow Motion Graphics, Sonic Tablets, the Spectral Circus, Chakra Sutra Yoga, and Aerial Silk Arts. In my 10th year as an artist, I have opened the door even further by announcing 'Turned On!', my private label production service for the public. 2018 also begins with the emergence of Jumbie Art Events, set to unveil my new live visual project 'Operation GnarWall'. Please join me live on March 10th, 2018 at my event: 'We the Experience'.

As Jumbie Art continues to grow, I plan on developing virtual reality and augmented reality environments, an extra special art car for Burning Man, and unique art installations for the upcoming festival season. I intend to move onward and upward while continuing to deliver the most uniquely activated color pallets available. I started this statement with a quote from the Grateful Dead, and YES -- "What a long, strange trip it's been." I would like to conclude with a quote from yet another major influence in my life, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, by saying: "It never got weird enough for me." With that proclamation, I urge you all to stay tuned in, as there is much more yet to come! Thank you to all my friends and family and their endless support and encouragement. Without you, none of this would not be possible.

Much Love,